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Can’t log in

Your app crashes with any attempt to log in. Unusable.

Love this app




An app that actually work

This is a complex app, but it’s extremely user friendly. Maneuvering the app is easy. It has most of the features that the desktop version has, and makes leaving a review quick, and hassle free.

Highly recommend

Rate my professor has helped me a lot to achieve success so far by guiding me which professor I should go for and which one I shouldn’t. Thank you for making this app so well organized :)

Rate My Professor

Absolutely love this app! Has helped me figure out what teachers to take during college! Couldn’t have created a more amazing app for college students

Actually Helps

These ratings are from real students, they will help you choose teachers!!!

Very helpful

I wish I had known about this a lot sooner! Would have saved me a lot of grief last semester from a terrible professor that caused me a great waste of time and money. Live and learn, I am just grateful to have a heads up on professors moving forward.

I like this app

This makes it much easier then going on to the website. It is great and easy when I am looking for which class to sign up for. Love the app so far.

Very disappointing

This app was fine until my classmates and I needed to leave HONEST reviews on a professor that was incredibly unprofessional. No matter how many times the reviews were edited, they were taken down with a minute. GUIDELINES were followed. This business, for whatever reason, seems to be compliant with the Professor’s bad behavior. Unfortunately, I can’t take this site seriously anymore.

App doesn’t work?

I cannot create an account or search for my university

Worthless, can’t use it without creating an account

Their website doesn’t require you to create an account so why does this app? Completely useless. I’m not making another account for an app I barely use


So helpful

Best app ever

This is very accurate. I love how thorough people are!! Definitely for universities, JC’s and community colleges! Enjoy

Update new info

I have rated a few professors and I still don’t see mine on it. Many ratings are from few years ago. I’ve seen some from 2013?! Why are you not putting up new ratings!?! So some that have 2 stars could potentially gain more if you actually put in the information and vice versa. I’ll update my rating when I see more new people “rate” on professor.

Biased and fake

I made an account to leave feedback on a specific professor and my feedback was wiped out. Twice. I was not vulgar but gave my specific experience in simple, concise language. There is no way the 12 raving reviews for this person reflect thier true academic prowess, I must conclude that Rate my Professor is Fake. I will edit this feedback if my feedback on that professor is logged.


This app gives you the ins and outs on the professors. It can save you time by taking the right instructor which can make or break you. I do wish you could write more in the reviews and had some extra categories.

Amazing app

Easy to navigate and easy to search for professors from your university

Cant view without signing up for account

You cant use the app without signing up for an account.

Extremely helpful!

Rate My Prof has saved me quite a bit of grief over time and comes highly recommended by me. My one complaint is that I take classes at both a university and a community college, and yet this app doesn’t just let me choose two schools. You choose one school to apply to your account so that whenever you use the search feature it automatically searches only profs at that university. Instead, I have to keep going to settings to find the other of the two schools I attend so that I can actually see it’s teachers. Not a biggy, but it could be simpler.

Love this tool but

Can’t select final grade on app like the website Previous ratings should be saved

Super glitchy

As of lately, when I want to look up a professor, I can’t write a review without it glitching out and saying there’s an error in loading. I can’t see any other reviews from other people either. I really think this app needs an update.

What’s the point of the app if I can’t see the comment?

I don’t know what they changed in the app, but it is not as intuitive as before. I can’t even check the comments left by other students , isn’t that the whole point behind the app? Please fix this and i will change the rating

Trouble seeing reviews

The app is good except that when I click on “comments” to see reviews, it says “error getting ratings information.”

Glitchy app

This app has no problem loading ads, but can’t even load the comments written for the professors.

Doesn’t load

Doesn’t load professor info so I can rate them. Error each time I tap rate. Useless.

Sign In

Signing up through google doesn't work.


Amazing app for college students, very useful!


The app is very easy to use when it actually works. It wouldn't let me register through Facebook when trying to log in but worked after I deleted it and downloaded again. But now it just says "error loading professor details" whenever I search for a professor and just stays on a loading screen. Please update.

It rocks


App not working correctly

The app keeps changing my login to random other people and changing my saved majors and areas of interest to things that I've never marked. I deleted and reinstalled the app and I changed my password and it is still doing these things.

App doesn’t show correct info

I log in and it won’t save any of my info-graduation date or areas of study. And every time I sign in to the app it shows I’m logged in as some random email address that isn’t mine. Saving things on their website does nothing to fix the problem. The app works to search info but as far as adding my own comments, I can’t because they aren’t coming “from me”. Frustrating to say the least.


I have attempted to use this app and it’s website all day to no avail. It constantly errors, freezes and gets my info mixed up with other peoples. Why is it so highly rated?

Keeps Crashing!

Not sure what’s going on with the latest update but the app keeps crashing. This issue started today 11/8/17! Before today this app was amazing. I’m trying to sort my professor for spring semester and I’m getting nothing but issues.. please fix ASAP

Saved me!

I just switched all of my classes around after i heard about this app. When i was searching them, almost all of the classes i chose were super hard professors. Im so glad that I heard about it in time. Truly a college students life saver!

Mandatory account is a no for me

See above


Can’t even sign up bc of how buggy it is! Better off on desktop site


It won’t let me create an account on any platform (app, phone browser, or laptop). The app can not find my college, and every time I look up my school on my computer it says the website is “over capacity”. 🙄 not even close to worth it.


Legit use it EVERY semester to chose the best professors/make my schedule. Helps me know what I'm getting myself into. AND by using you'll avoid the worst teachers as well! Lifesaver. & from my experience the reviews are VERY accurate after having taken the class/professor!

Good app to prepare you for semester

Great platform for students to see what professors are bad or good. Professors read these reviews to see what students say, hopefully it changes some bad behaviors on their part.


Rate feature doesn't work new reviews aren't ever updated anymore

Improvement Please.

Love the concept and have found it helpful, but why do my ratings never get posted? The app and webpage aren’t very user friendly or easy to navigate. Posts don’t post and or take a long time to show up. The website is also glitchy.


Very helpful and accurate

Love it

Great app, I use it every semester when picking my classes.

Requires "Login"

As if I need or want to login just to use a simple app like this. I use it for one thing. To lookup professors. Don't need to "login" on the main site, why for this app? Oh, so you can spam me and give my info to third parties, not to mention it's just annoying to have to login simply to see if a professor is interesting or not.




Genius app. Very informative

The most useful app!!!

I love the app and the website. Very useful!

Must have app!

Rate my Professor is a must have app! I've used it throughout my entire collegiate years and has allowed me to chose professors that teach with my learning style.

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